An analysis of the organization showing the inter-relation between structure of the organization and Culture

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APA style, Formatting for the body of the report is one and a half spaced line spacing; 12 point Times New Roman font, with one inch margins all sides.  Citations will be in accordance with the APA in-line citation format (no footnotes) and APA formatting for the reference section.

Based on the textbook (organizational theory design, and change Canadian edition)

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Requirement:  This study will consist of an analysis of an actual organization that your group has selected and has had approved previously.  Your focal organization may be an actual business, not-for-profit, or other organizational form selected from the local area (Yarmouth to Halifax).  Your essay will include;

  1. b)   An analysis of the organization showing the inter-relation between structure of the organization and Culture
  2. c)   A discussion in your analysis which demonstrates your understanding of these OT concepts/theories as presented in class, the textbook, and other relevant publications.

Reference/Reading:  As required.


The selected organization is Acadia Student Union

Chapter 7- Creating and Managing Organizational Culture

Organizational culture- the set of shared values and norms that guides organizational members interactions with each other and with people outside the organization.

Interrelation- the way in which two or more things or people are connected and affect one another


About ASU – – Randy

Organizational Culture – He

Values pg. 214 (terminal & instrumental values)- Randy

culture transmitted to members P221- David

Characteristic of People within the ASU (Org. Culture come from) – Simon

Organizational Ethics P230 – Simon

Property Rights system P233 – Nadia (managers rights & workforce rights)

ASU structure P238 -He

Social Responsibility pg. 241 – Nadia

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