An outline will be provided indicating the parts to be completed.

The paper is consisted of 2 parts: qualitative and quantitative. So far the qualitative research has been completed, as well as parts of the quantitative one.
The research is about Mainland Chinese students’ new consumption, where in the quantitative part, we have introduced the variable of trust, where government control and location between HK and China interact with the process. We have obtained two data sets, from one survey asking people about news consumption in China and the other about news consumption in HK. We have inputed the data according to the survey questionnaire in a SPSS data file. This is where we are blocked. We need to compute comparisons using ANOVA and other similar statistical methods, which we know nothing of. This parts needs to validate the hypotheses that we have suggested in the paper. This section would require multiple tables and figures that would back up any calculations using SPSS. An outline will be provided indicating the parts to be completed.
We will upload the qualitative research as well as the survey in order for you to write total implications, recommendations and limitations of the research as a whole.

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