Analyse and critically evaluate the drivers of projects in various sectors.

Reflective Learning Portfolio – (Reflective Essay with appendix Project Plan Log Book). you are also to write a Reflective Essay of your learning experience in completing the Project Plan Log Book. Reflective essay on how the project helped which was building a coffe shop .learning outcomes:LO1 Analyse and critically evaluate the drivers of projects in various sectors.
LO2 Synthesise the role of strategic project management in organisational life-cycle, particularly the links with change management.
LO3 Clearly define and apply the key phases of project management, project organisation and procurement.
LO4 Prepare and evaluate work breakdown structures for various projects.
LO5 Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of delivering projects to schedule, to quality and on budget.
LO6 Define and critically appraise the role of stakeholders, leadership, teams, risk and quality within the various aspects of managing projects.
project log book should be included in appendix file is being attached.O references

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