Are there any things happening in society and its cultures that make this text a draw for that society & culture?

1600 word critical analysis

This assignment is a 1600 word critical analysis of a suitable contemporary (last 3 months) media text.   Your analysis should discuss the following:


  1. The  €˜cultural politics of representation €™ in the text.
  2. The socio-cultural context of the media text.


The media text chosen needs to be available online so that your tutor has access to it.   It can be article in a newspaper or magazine, a picture in a magazine or newspaper, a music video, television programme or an audio-visual advertisement.   It should be a suitable media text that allows you to explore and explain the  €˜cultural politics of representation €™ as discussed in readings and lectures covered in Term 1.


Be imaginative in your choice of media text.   Your discussion of the media text should move beyond being purely descriptive of the text itself; your tutor can see it for herself.   You should think about and apply ideas from readings about society, culture and communication and analyse the  representation  offered by the media of ideas about gender, sexuality, cultural power or social relations etc.

You should consider the purpose of this media text, what it says about the media and how the media  represents  positively or negatively its subject.   You should consider why has this media texts been produced and why now?

Are there any things happening in society and its cultures that make this text a draw for that society & culture?




Note: I am situated in United Kingdom, in my first (Foundation) year of University.

Whichever media text you choose to analyze (for example Newspaper article, would hopefully be British for example: The Guardian, The Times, The Independent). Music videos etc. can be of any origin, English speaking only please.

Also, this text has to be created/published within the last 3 months (from The 11t

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