Are women equal with men worldwide?

Your choice of a topic comes from our textbook. which is :Sources of Crossroads and Cultures, Volume II: Since 1300: A History of the World’s Peoples. Pick a topic that interests you from our course, chosen from: 1- the status of women around the world, 1500 to the present 2- the status of minorities in countries where they were treated as second class 3- the changes to how wars are fought, 1500 to the present Pick one topic and read the relevant parts in the textbook. No outside reading is necessary, though you may find it helpful. The goal is help you see how major issues have changed over time, and to show the reader (the professor) that you understood this story from our Crossroads and Cultures book. An essay from other sources may get a low grade since using our textbook well is the key to a good grade. In 2000 words, write on your topic chronologically. You can focus on Europe, Africa, Asia, or the Americas. You can find points for your essay from wherever the textbook covers it, such as on women you may find information on slave women in Brazil in the 17th century and on women in England during the suffragette movement later, and that’s okay. As you write it, compare the regions and compare one century with another. The format: the essay must be typed, using MLA or Turabian citations for each fact or idea you get from the book. There should be several citations on each page. Spelling and grammar count in the grade. A grading rubric will be on Titanium. The essay should be double-spaced, with a 12-point font, numbered pages, and a final paragraph on your assessment of the topic, as of 2015. Are women equal with men worldwide? Are minorities now treated fairly and with dignity, and are empires now over? Has warfare become a valuable tool for national interests, or a tool for terrorists to exploit, or both? I am international student and I want it to be easy to understand and not using hard vocabulary in the Essay because I am international student.

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