Comparing teacher work in the UAE and New Zealand:

Comparing teacher work in the UAE and New Zealand: The UAE Ministry is seeking to improve education in the country. One of the areas they are focusing on is the work of teachers. They want to know how the duties and responsibilities of teachers in the UAE compares with the work of teachers in other countries. Their purpose is to develop a system that will promote high quality education for all students.
You are an educational consultant. You and your colleagues have been hired by the UAE Ministry of Education. You and your group have been asked to prepare a report comparing and contrasting the work of teachers in the UAE with those of another specific country. You are being asked to recommend a clear system of duties and responsibilities for classroom teachers in the UAE. Support for your recommendations should include specific evidence from the other country you chose.
You will need to conduct research on the internet and elsewhere. You will need to produce a report, describing and explaining the recommended duties of a UAE teacher, discussion of how this will help improve teaching and learning in the UAE and your supporting evidence. Your report must be submitted to the Ministry of Education on 26 November

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