Compose an appropriate, arguable thesis statement that previews two to four main points.

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Competency 127.1.1: Research – The graduate evaluates the quality, credibility, and relevance of evidence in order to integrate evidence into a final research paper.

Competency 127.1.2: Writing Process – The graduate applies steps of the writing process appropriately to improve quality of writing.


The first stages of the research writing process involve topic selection, formulation of a research question, preliminary research, and the development of a working thesis statement. Now you will begin identifying and evaluating sources to determine how effectively they can support your argument.

For this task, you will create an annotated bibliography by finding 10 sources for your research paper, listing the sources in APA format on a reference page, and providing an annotation for each source. The purpose of an annotated bibliography is to summarize sources, evaluate their credibility, and assess their relevance.


A.  Compose an appropriate, arguable thesis statement that previews two to four main points.


B.  Create an annotated bibliography of 10 credible sources that you plan to use in your research paper.

1.  Provide a full, APA-formatted reference citation for each source.

2.  Provide an annotation (suggested length of 150 words) for each source that includes the following:

a.  a summary of the information presented in the source

b.  an analysis of the credibility of each source’s author or publication, if no author is present

c.  an analysis of the relevance of each source to your chosen topic

3.  Provide an annotation that is written in your own words, without the excessive use of direct quotation or extensive paraphrasing, for each source from part B.


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