Created a dilemma, a choice between two paths of action, neither of which is entirely satisfactory.

Narrative Essay just an Outline only.

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outline attached below via Word.


Below is the whole essay requirement. But I only need an outline for the essay.


According to Engaging Questions, “stories that hold the reader’s interest involve conflict or tension. Consider experiences that did one or more of the following:

  • Resulted in intellectual or moral growth, an increase in maturity.
  • Challenged your beliefs, attitudes, or values.
  • Allowed you to see your behavior from someone else’s perspective.
  • Disappointed or surprised you about your own character or the character of someone you thought you knew.
  • Led you to see some past event in a new context or category that transformed its meaning.
  • Called conventional wisdom about right and wrong into question.
  • Created a dilemma, a choice between two paths of action, neither of which is entirely satisfactory.

Remember that the significance of an event is not in the event itself but in what you make of it, the angle or point of view you bring to it or discover in thinking or writing about it. Nevertheless, finding the right topic for you does matter” (Channell & Crusius, 2014, p.77).

Your narrative essay must:

  • Include a thesis statement in your introduction.
  • Consist of body paragraphs that include a topic sentence, and clear details that support your description.
  • Address your topic using critical thinking skills.
  • Include one quotation, paraphrase and use of a summary in your paper.
  • Include a concluding paragraph that synthesizes your main points.
  • Incorporate instructor and peer feedback.


  • Include three credible, peer -reviewed sources properly cited in APA format.
  • Your paper should be 5-6 pages in length not counting the required title and reference pages.

As you write this essay, please remember to refer to the feedback you received throughout the class to include feedback on your diagnostic essay, summary, paraphrase, and quoting assignments as well as comments received on your outline and drafts. While not required, it is highly recommended that you submit your essa

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