Define the area’s boundaries by explaining the methodologies and statistical techniques used.

Criminal Justice

This assignment is 3 ½ pages in a word document, do not base it off of word count. Do not include any headers or extra spaces and should be left aligned. No plagiarized information, IT WILL BE CHECKED USING TURNITIN!!!



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Literature reviews help to provide boundaries of what is known about a particular field and serve to guide researchers in their quest to uncover the mysteries and nuances of a selected issue or problem. A well-developed review of literature is essential to a thorough, well-considered paper. Whether the writing is intended for a high-end scholarly journal or a student’s weekly assignment, the literature review pertains to uncovering the body of knowledge that previous researchers have generated. It is a savvy researcher who is able to take advantage of the existing base of knowledge in the creation of a new line of inquiry. A literature review should be conducted at the beginning of a research study.



Write a literature review for your preferred area of criminal justice study. To successfully complete this study, you must


  • Identify a particular area of criminal justice.
  • Define the area’s boundaries by explaining the methodologies and statistical techniques used.
  • Describe the specific canon of literature found.
  • Define the field in general.
  • Critique the field, including areas requiring further examination.


The literature review


  • Must be formatted according to APA style
  • Must use at least five peer-reviewed sources (SEE ATTACHED DOCUMENT)
  • Must include a separate references page that is formatted according to APA style


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