Describe a community outreach program that your company sponsors and runs as well as an annual event related directly to your community outreach program.

Technical and Professional Writing Week 1


Unit 1 – Discussion Board

Primary Task Response: Within the Discussion Board area, write 300–500 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments.

This course will focus on communication through professional writing. You will prepare documents for a professional setting and a particular audience. For this week’s discussion, write 300–500 words explaining the importance of effective communication in your career. To assist you with your response, review the readings and your instructor’s chat sessions as well as an example of professional communication from a current event or a company press release.  Refer to this site. Click on Press Releases.


Individual Project 1

Part 1: One page minimum written out fully in paragraph form.

Either invent and describe a company, or describe a company for which you work. Then, you will DThe community outreach and event can be invented or currently in existence.

Specifically, describe the following:

  1. Your business
    • This company can be any operation you wish, such as a microchip firm, small retail business, health care company, hospital, school, nonprofit organization, restaurant, or anything else, as long as it is a business that interests you and operates in a realistic context.
  2. Your community outreach program
    • This program might help needy families, those serving in the military or supporting others that do, college students, people moving toward valuable vocational degrees, at-risk youth, people involved in environmental causes, or someone else deserving of assistance.
  3. The event you sponsor and run for your outreach program (this must be an annual festival)
    • Choose your event. Be realistic and practical in this regard. Consider only useful, altruistic activities that serve a community in a sensible manner.

Part 2

In a 1-page internal memo, invite a small team of fellow employees to a strategic planning meeting to discuss planning strategies for the annual community outreach festival. Because this will be a relatively informal and highly anticipated meeting, include tasteful graphics, and use a cordial and professional tone. The format must follow general business writing guidelines. For instance, single-space and left-justify paragraphs, double-space between paragraphs, do not indent paragraphs, and so on.

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