Describe chemical and physical characteristics of the waste stream.


                            ASSIGNMENT 1
In previous units you were given a scenario and asked to demonstrate your knowledge of the concepts in this course and your ability to relate the concepts to practical situations. For your final Case Study you will need to locate your own fire and emergency services scenario and relate at least one of the Unit VIII concepts to a practical situation.

The scenario you choose to use will need to relate to one of the following:

The importance of public education as a critical component of life safety programs.
 The importance of fire sprinklers and code enforcement.
The importance of safety in the design of apparatus and equipment.

Below are resources for locating fire and emergency services reports: 

 NIOSH Fire Fighter Fatality Investigation and Prevention Program 
 National Fire Incident Reporting System

In your response, please identify the following: 

 The Scenario: You can paraphrase the scenario or you may include the entire report in your paper; either way, make sure to use proper citation.   
 Major issues: Identify the major problems including their causes in this section, so you can identify appropriate solutions later.  Potential solutions: This section evaluates potential solutions for the identified key problems. Often there is more than one solution, so it is useful to evaluate each solution in terms of its advantages and disadvantages. This will also assist in determining your recommendations.  Recommendations: This section should outline your recommendations based upon the given solutions for each of the identified problems.  Reference page in APA format

FIR 2302, Principles of Fire and Emergency Services Safety and Survival 4

Your assignment should meet the following guidelines:  A minimum of 750 words  Formatted using APA Style  Include citations for other articles as needed to avoid plagiarism

This course covers many different waste streams. For your final project, choose one waste stream (you may use any chapter as your topic), and provide an in-depth analysis of that waste stream. Your paper should address the following:

Describe chemical and physical characteristics of the waste stream.

Discuss the most significant problems with managing the waste stream.
Discuss the regulations that apply to your chosen waste stream.
    Analyze the treatment technologies and management techniques for the waste stream.

Make an argument for the best course of action for managing the waste.

Your Research Paper must be a minimum of five pages in Times New Roman 12-point font (not including title and reference pages) in APA style.

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