Description of epistemic pluralism. 3

1. Paper needs to be an analysis of one aspect of macro public policy (any) in light of post-structural and critical theory perspectives. 2. Second paragraph should be description of epistemic pluralism. 3. Each perspective must be specified and described. 4. For each perspective, there needs to be an analysis of three implications of the perspective for the selected aspect of macro public policy. Emphasis should be on pro and con critical analysis. 5. After presenting this analysis, there needs to be a section for synthesis of the results from the two perspectives. 6. Finally, an analysis is needed about what is lost about understanding the selected aspect of macro public policy by only including the two perspectives. This requires providing two examples (each) from any two additional perspectives (feminist, post-traditional, psychoanalytic, or neuroscientific) 7. Intro and conclusion should summarize all major conclusions and outline paper. 8. No less than 21 pages.

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