Development of an approach to the problem- Use what you have learned in unit I to formulate your research objectives and strategy.

Unit VIII Course Project.


Live Research: Unit VIII Course Project.


You should work on this project throughout the course. The course project is a research report you prepare based on your live research. To complete this project, you will work through the six steps of the marketing research process as described in the textbook, beginning on page nine. Use this project to demonstrate what you have learned throughout the course, and have some fun with the process.


·        Step 1: Problem Definition- Select a research problem you would like to address. This can be something relevant to your career or your personal life. For example, it might relate to a business you have started, or have always wanted to start. It could relate to your current employment. You might want to research what other parents think of the quality of schools are in your area, or some other subject of concern to you.


·        Step 2: Development of an approach to the problem- Use what you have learned in unit I to formulate your research objectives and strategy.


·        Step 3: Research Design Formulation- Using what you have learned in Unit II, III, and IV, design your questionnaire.


·        Step 4: Fieldwork or Data Collection- Administer your survey to at least 20 people. These can be friends, family, colleagues, members of a group of which you are a member, or any other group of people you choose. You can administer your research instrument in person, by email, by internet (see the bottom of page 325 of the textbook for free services available), or by any other method you choose.


·        Step 5: Data Preparation and Analysis- Using what you have learned, analyze your data and relate what you have learned from your research to the marketing research problem you have identified.


·        Step 6: Report Preparation and Presentation- This step involves the composition of the written report of the course project to be submitted at the end of unit VIII. Prepare a report on your marketing research that conforms to the format specified on page 730 of your textbook. (Omit the letter of transmittal, the letter of authorization, and the lists of tables, graphs, appendices and exhibits). Use what you have learned in Unit VIII to prepare an effective report.


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