Discuss how his/her/their ethical lapses contributed to the downfall of Enron.

Write a paper of at least 1,000 words answering the question below. Many people participated in the tragedy of Enron. With the exception of Kenneth Lay, Jeffrey Skilling and Andrew Fastow, pick three individuals or groups of individuals and discuss how his/her/their ethical lapses contributed to the downfall of Enron. An example of a group of individuals might be β€œthe stock analysts.” Please focus your attention on ethics. Try not to get sidetracked into re-telling the story of Enron. Successful papers will reflect on material you learned during this course. I would like to see you apply concepts that you learned in this class. You do not need to do any research. Think about how you react to the story now, versus how you would have reacted if you had seen the movie last summer. You should be able to better see the ethical mistakes made by the three groups or individuals you select.

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