Discuss in Detail The Role that the drug Prozac plays in Mental Health Treatment.

Using An Essay Format answer questions in complete detail. Answers should reflect a working knowledge of concepts of and demonstration of critical thinking skills. All material used in completion must be cited using the MLAFormat. Please type all answers in Microsoft Word, in a font #12 {Times New Roman} Do not retype the questions in you answer.
1. Discuss in Detail 4 ways in which drug use might theoretically cause crime. Provide at lease one example for each.

2. Discuss in Detail What four kinds of Habits-Forming drug at the start of the 20th century, caused social reactions leading to the passage of federal drug law, Discuss in Detail What those reactions were.

3. Explain in Detail The concept of the Medical Model. Discuss in Detail The Classification of Mental Disorders. Discuss in Detail The Role that the drug Prozac plays in Mental Health Treatment.

4. Explain in Detail. The differences among the definitions of Drug Misuse, Drug Abuse, and Deviant Drug use. In addition , provide at lease one scenario for each definition.

Bonus. Discuss one way to impact the world in 2016.

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