Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the ethnographic approach.

This paper is for Research Techniques and Approaches. It is requested to do a literature review on the following question:

Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the ethnographic approach. Choose appropriate examples from the literature.

Please explain what ethnography is, and how it is used in research, then discuss a few strengths and weaknesses in using ethnography as a research approach or technique.
please refer to the list of references below that I would like you to use in this paper:

1- Doing Ethnography – by Giampietro Gobo – Most importantly Chapter 1: What is ethnography?
2- Handbook of Anthropology in Business – by Alessandro Caliandro – Chapter 35: Ethnography in Digital Spaces: Ethnography of Virtual Worlds, Netnography, and Digital Ethnography.

* The following references are optional to use, but preferable:
1- Ethnographic Methods – by Karen O’reilly
2- Key Concepts in Ethnography – by Karen O’reilly
3- What’s wrong with Ethnography? – by Martyn Hammersley
4- Ethnography: principles in practice – by Martyn Hammersley and Paul Atkinson
5- Critical Ethnography: Methods, Ethics, and Performance – by D. Soyini Madison
6- Doing Sensory Ethnography – by Sarah Pink

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