Discuss what the possible outcomes will be with the brink of change.

Race and Biology in Japan
Final Paper Outline
Option 1

Cross-Cultural Racial Classifications Research Project.Select and research a racial classification system in another country. Explain and analyze the racial and ethnic breakdowns. What kind of relationship do these designations have to genetics? How do they differ with American classification systems? Which parts of the system do you see as contradictory, limiting, expansive?

Topic: Japan’s Homogeny VS. Being Hafu: The Repercussions of Skin Tone and Society


Opening statement:

Each year in Japan over 20,0000 half-Japanese babies are born. Japan has been a small Country with a long history of nationalistic pride. Lately there has been reports of snap judgements that label any person who looks bi-racial as the ultimate Other in their homeland.

Details/Points of Essay:

I will discuss all points that I plan to discuss, which include,
1) identify the immigration law
2) next I will note what effects being the Other has on a young child, and
3) finally I will discuss the long standing bias against mixed race people born within Japan.) Focusing on connecting these social issues directly to biology and GENETICS throughout the essay is a must and not only in one place within the essay. Also, discuss how Japanese mixed race category is a huge social challenge and confrontation to local ideas about purity of heritage and biology.

Paragraph 1:
Next I will identify the names given to the Other in Japan, beginning with Hafu and all of its connotations and identify more offensive terms to denote the Other. I will next discuss Japan’s immigration law and compare it with the laws of other Countries.???(maybe)

Paragraph 2:
I will note the effects of being labelled Hafu- The Mixed Race of Japan has on a young person whose main drive is to fit in.

Paragraph 3:
Next I will go into the new media and how Japan is coping with Miss Japan being Hafu and the backlash that Miss Japan is facing. I will also discuss how Hafu are being pushed into society and being used in fashion campaigns as well as discuss how the fashion campaigns within Japan have always sought after the (typical “all american” other.?)

Paragraph 4:
I will then discuss Journalist Roxana Saberi’s experience being of an Iranian father and Japanese mother and how she was treated as a Hafu 10 years after leaving for College. Finally I will assess the Korean-Japanese long-lingering problem of citizenship and theories on why so many Korean-Japanese nationals are marginalized and seek subversive jobs and outlooks in this society.

Paragraph 5
What kind of relationship do these designations have to genetics? Which parts of the system do I see as contradictory, limiting, expansive?

Closing Statements:
Discuss what the possible outcomes will be with the brink of change. Is there light at the end of the misconceptions on diversity? Does their immigration policy exclude for race-based reasons or other financial concerns? Do they converge? Finally with the growing awareness and usage of Hafu people in ad campaigns, is there more opportunities arising beyond these feats? Assess the current socioeconomic status within the Country….

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