Discuss your tactical marketing campaign, giving detailed examples of relevant marketing mix activity.

Write an individual report discussing in detail some of the key issues that will affect your future marketing strategy, focusing on one of your potential market segments.

You should include the following:
1. Clearly discuss your one chosen target market segment making reference to any relevant motivations and trends.
2. Please focus in detail one of the following strategies:
• Please discuss in detail how you will develop your own brand positioning strategy, taking into account how this new strategy will change from any existing strategy
Or • Please discuss in detail a clear relationship building strategy for your target market.
3. Discuss your tactical marketing campaign, giving detailed examples of relevant marketing mix activity. Your activity should be linked with a common theme and clear objectives. You should make specific reference to any promotional/communication mix activity and consider any specific interactive marketing needs, taking into account latest best practice of e-marketing techniques.
4. For your chosen marketing strategy you should identify relevant smart objectives, timescales and give examples of any key performance indicators for your tactical marketing. You should discuss any issues related to the implementation and control of your ideas.
5. A list of references should be submitted which reflects the comprehensive list of sources available for this module and uses the Harvard system of referencing.

Module Learning Outcomes: 1. Critically analyse marketing issues, plan appropriate courses of action and complete, present and defend a marketing plan within a hospitality and tourism context.
2. Critically analyse and develop marketing strategies with an emphasis on brand positioning and market segmentation strategies
3. Critically analyse integrated marketing communications and their implementation
4. Analyse and evaluate the effect of contemporary marketing issues on market planning within hospitality and tourism. Grading Criteria UCB’s Generic Grading Criteria for HE work at Level 7 apply to this assignment: https://portal.ucb.ac.uk/documents/file/1144/level-7-generic-grading-sheet
• You should concentrate on marketing strategy rather than wider corporate strategic management issues
• You should be discussing your ideas for potential future marketing ideas rather than summarising existing marketing activity
• Where larger major corporate branded companies are concerned you should relate your answer to individual hotels or restaurants, for example, rather than considering corporate strategy
• You should concentrate on one target market
• Your tactical marketing ideas should reflect current best practice with the adoption of e-marketing and social media marketing ideas
• You should demonstrate evidence of wider research and reading and integrate appropriate models and theory to justify your response and discussions

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