Discussion of whether the organization’s mission statement and goals support the project.

Final project


Final Project


Final Project Guidelines and Rubric


Students will complete a paper, Providing Health Services in a Rural Community: A Report on Project Feasibility, as a final project.


Providing healthcare services to residents in rural areas has presented increased challenges that include access and cost. For your Capstone Project, you will be using a case study that focuses on Pocahontas Memorial Hospital located in Pocahontas County, West Virginia. For case study details, click here. http://pmhwv.org/




Pocahontas Memorial Hospital (PMH) would like to offer a comprehensive satellite health clinic within Pocahontas County. You have been contracted to prepare a report for the PMH Board of Directors that will guide them in determining the feasibility of doing this.




Your report should be organized according to the following structure and contain the elements described:


•Introduction: This is where you introduce your audience to what this report will cover.


•Discussion of whether the organization’s mission statement and goals support the project


•Assessment: This is your evaluation of various factors that affect the feasibility and development of the project.


•The environmental challenges, access for consumers, and technology required


•Mission, vision, values, and goals


•A market analysis


•A SWOT analysis


•Recommendations: This is where you detail your recommendations. Your recommendations should be based directly on what you outlined in your assessment.


•Strategies for attracting healthcare professionals


•Develop strategic initiatives


•Strategies for financial management


•Annotated bibliography


•Conclusion: This brief summary should pull together your assessment and recommendations and leave the audience with a clear sense of what can be done.




Your well-written report should meet the following requirements:


•Be 11–15 pages in length


•Be formatted according to the APA guidelines


•Include at least 10 peer-reviewed references to support your report. The Shapiro Library is a good place to find these sources.


•Include an outline, market analysis, and SWOT analysis in the Appendix

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