Do governments have the right to use quantum computer technology in order to invade the privacy of citizen for counter-terrorism purposes?

research paper ethics in Quantum computers




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  • Due date 12/1/15′


                                                  ethics in Quantum computers



    Quantum computers are a new era of invention, and its innovation is still to come. The revolution of the quantum computers produced a lot of challenges for ethical decision-making and predictions at different levels of life; therefore, it raised new concerns such as invasion of privacy and national security. In fact, it can be used easily to access and steal private information and data, while on the other hand, quantum computers can help to eliminate these unethical intrusions and secure the information.

    Quantum computers will be the most powerful computer in the world that would open the door to encrypt the information in much less time. On the contrary, the supercomputers sometimes take so many hours to encrypt, whereas quantum computers can be used for the same purpose in a shorter time period making it harder to decrypt the data and information.

    Many years from now, quantum computers will become mainstays throughout the world of computing.  It will serve the individual and the community, but there is a significant concern that quantum computers could be used to invade people’s privacy. Why do the most intelligence agencies want quantum computers? Do the quantum computers threaten global encryption systems? Do governments have the right to use quantum computer technology in order to invade the privacy of citizen for counter-terrorism purposes? Consequently, this paper seeks to answer and discuss these questions and how it all relates to morality and ethics.


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