Do you agree with Congressman Julian McDonald or do you disagree?

Julian McDonald, a liberal congressman from California, intends to propose a law that will abolish marriage as a legal practice. In his book titled The Abolishment of Marriage he proposes that marriage as a legal contract should be all-together abolished, and if couples seek to practice this traditional custom it should be a non-legal ceremonial, religious based, act.
“Three major family trends imply that marriage has lost its value in society and for today’s culture,” says McDonald in a 2005 CNN interview. These three trends that congressman McDonald reveals are (1) high divorce rates, (2) high rates of cohabitation, and (3) rates of children born out of wedlock. According to McDonald, “high divorce rates demonstrate how little faith couples have in marriage by not seeking lifetime (long-term) commitment to the spouse.” McDonald bashes marriage by saying, “cohabitation is what couples nowadays prefer and its the intelligent way for people to get to know each other, even before opting for marriage.” McDonald continues bashing marriage when making the infamous comment, “since many children are born out-of-wedlock, they are legitimate (by law) bastards, so why marry?”
Instructions: Do you agree with Congressman Julian McDonald or do you disagree? To propose your position it must be defended by one of the four theoretical perspectives; Functionalist Persepctive, Conflict Theorist Perspective (which includes Feminist Perspective), Symbolic Interactionist Perspective, or Postmodernist Perspective.

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