Do you believe militarizes should be deployed to peacekeeping operations?


Question 1

Peacekeeping has become an often-used justification for military intervention. Today, peacekeeping forces are deployed around the world to mitigate ethnic and civil conflicts.

Identify at least two moral challenges for military forces deployed in peacekeeping operations. Do you believe militaries should be deployed to peacekeeping operations? Support your argument with references or theory.


Question 2

Humanitarian intervention has been cited in recent decades as a just cause for the use of military intervention into troubled regions and countries as described in Military Ethics in Peacekeeping and in War: Maintaining Moral Integrity in a World of Contrast and Confusion and Humanitarian Intervention and Just War.

Identify one of the justifications for the use of military force in support of humanitarian intervention as outlined by Just War theory. Then, describe whether you believe military force should be used to conduct humanitarian intervention. Support your argument with real world examples or Just War theory.

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