Do you feel there is any particular area that you need/want to grow and improve in?

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Course Reflections

Reflect upon your knowledge of each of the course learning objectives for ESE631.  Explain how you have demonstrated your knowledge and understanding of each concept through the discussions, journals, and assignments in the course.  What do you feel are your strengths?  Do you feel there is any particular area that you need/want to grow and improve in?

Down below is what the class is about hope this helps you




Week ONE Assignments


Importance of an IEP
Special Education Law Review


Week Two Assignments


Compare and Contrast: LD and CD
Response to Intervention
Educator Reflections
Adapting Lesson Plans for an Inclusive Classroom


Week Three Assignments


Emotional Disorders
ADD/ADHD Characteristics and Accommodations
Teaching Strategies
Accommodation Support Plan


Week Four Assignments


Planning for Students with Intellectual Disabilities
Supporting Students with Physical Impairments
Research Paper


Week Five Assignments


Families and Autism
Transition and Self-Determination


Week Six Assignments


Sensory Impairments
Diverse Learners and Differentiated Instruction


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