Evaluate Reifowitz’s claim and position yourself in this discussion.

Ian Reifowitz in his book Obama’s America claims that Obama sought to transform the way we understand national identity. Evaluate Reifowitz’s claim and position yourself in this discussion. In other words, evaluate the evidence he presents and state whether you agree or disagree with his premise and why. Also ass how future historians will judge Obama’s legacy- whether or not he implemented a new concept of what it means to be “American” Important points to Implement: Minimum 2,500 words. Approx.7-8 pages Correct MLA format , in-text citation and Work Cited Page ( if you add any extra sources introduce the person who wrote it first then quote what they said and include it in your word cited paper.) Include in your essay how Obama avoids falling into the “false dilemma” trap. You may use other material you deem appropriate( introduce them give background then quote and include in work cited please.) Needs a developed thesis statement, organization of material, clear argumentation, a good counter argument, topic sentences, good sentence structure, a very good vocabulary range and NO, or very few grammatical errors.

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