Explain some health implications of food deserts and propose solutions to alleviate this issue .

Environtal health

Environmental justice is a concept regarding as an equal distribution of environmental hazards and adverse healthy facts  from these hazards . Environmental justice works to ensure that all people are active participant in developing , preventing and enforcing by environmental laws .This is an important concept as we think about disparities in local environmental health issues , and who may be adversely affected .

in this assignment will focus on food access as an environmental justice issue . As public health professionals we are at the aware at relationship that food has to disease especially obesity. Eating well and an exercising are important to maintain wellness as well as prevent disease . Access to healthy food options physical ,economically  or both is an  emerging environmental justice issue .You’ll explore food access in this assignment and connected to environmental health ,as back ground you can investigate the united states department of agriculture food access map to evaluate your our community. on your word :

1.please define food desert and present some reasons why food desert exist .

2.Explain some health implications of food deserts and propose solutions to alleviate this issue .

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