Explain the pros and cons of the politics- administration dichotomy as espouse.

Public Administration Final Exam

1. Discuss the various uses of public budget. 2. Discuss the benefits and weakness of bureaucratic discretion to public sector management. 3. Explain how ethical choices influence the decision making and performance of public administrators in recent times. 4. Explain the politics of administrative reforms. 5. Why is the issue of illegal immigration a good example of the intergovernmental relations mess in the US. 6. From what you have learnt so far, briefly explain the key responsibilities of  public administrators and t best way of meeting the responsibilities. 7. How does administrative responsibility contribute to the attainment of public interest. 8. Explain the pros and cons of the politics- administration dichotomy as espouse

d by Woodrow Wilson. 9. Explain how public budget could be political. 10. Discuss the importance of administrative communication to public decision making and performance.


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