Explain the significance of the chosen topic.




An effective presentation requires careful preparation. In this task, you’ll complete a plan for an informative or persuasive presentation. Your presentation should address an academically oriented research topic. Your preparation should include researching your chosen topic, planning for your intended audience, and creating an outline or other plan for your presentation.


A. Write a rationale (suggested length of 1 page) for the presentation in which you do the following:

1.  Identify an appropriate purpose for the presentation.

2.  Describe your intended audience for the presentation (suggested length of 1–2 sentences).

3.  Explain the significance of the chosen topic.


B.  Create a presentation plan (e.g., outline) for a five- to seven-minute presentation on your chosen topic by including the following parts:

1.  an effective introduction that includes the following parts:

•   an attention-getting opening

•   a thesis statement

•   a preview of the main points of the presentation

2.  support for each of the main points from part B1.

3.  an effective conclusion that includes a summary of the main points and closing comments

4.  three to five credible sources

a.  Provide acknowledgement of source information within the presentation plan for any content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized.

b.  Provide a corresponding reference list for the three to five credible sources that includes the author, date of publication, title, and location of information (e.g., publisher, journal, or website URL) for each of the sources. APA citation style is the standard at WGU and is strongly encouraged.


C.  Attach one appropriate visual element (e.g., chart, graph, picture, model) that supports one of the main points with acknowledgement of any source information used.


D.  Identify three potential questions your audience may ask about your topic.

1.  Write an appropriate response for each of the three questions identified i

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