Explain your findings. Provide means, percentages, graphs, quotes, etc.

Uber has become quite popular over the past few years. It has recently been the source of news for a variety of reasons. Additionally, people have very different opinions about the service. (If you are not familiar with Uber, visit its website—www.uber.com for more information).

1. Create a survey assessing consumers’ opinions about Uber. Include at least 5 questions.

2. Administer the survey to some friends (at least 3). Describe your sampling plan and the characteristics of your sample.

3. Explain your findings. Provide means, percentages, graphs, quotes, etc.

4. What insights can you conclude from your research?

*Your work should be approximately 1 paragraph per section (for a total of 4 paragraphs), single-spaced. Copy and paste each question, and place your responses underneath.

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