Follow APA guidelines inclusive of Abstract, title page, page numbering, reference page etc.

Course: Introduction to aging Studies.
Course text book: Quadagno, J. (2014). Aging and the life course: An introduction to social gerontology
(6th Edition). NY: McGraw-Hill.
Movie’s name: Harry and Tonto (1974).

submit a 3-page reaction paper that includes
(a) a one paragraph (1/2 page) summary of the movie, (no longer!)
(b) the integration of at least three concepts presented in text box,, course video or readings as they relate to the content of the movie.
(c) a one paragraph reaction discussing how you reacted/thought about the movie given the content covered in the course – was your “take” on the movie different than previous viewings of the movie?
What are the prejudices of aging of the period when the movie was set and when the movie was made vs. now?
What are some of the overt and covert ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, and communication patterns that were characteristic of the characters in the movie.
Please also give your movie a rating score, (using 5 star rating) as a guide to your fellow students, as to the quality of the movie in understanding older persons and their lives.

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