How can investigators search for and find trace elements of the accelerants?

Arson Investigation 2

You are the supervisor of a newly formed arson investigation unit. Although you have some personnel with basic crime scene training, you must start from the ground up to train them in elements of arson fire investigation. You start your training by handing out a white paper that will provide information to them about fire, fuel, and accelerants.

  • Address the following in 3 pages with references and no more then 25% plaigiarism:
    • Describe what a fire is in terms of its physical properties.
    • Identify and explain the 3 elements that make up the fire triangle.
    • Explain the oxidation process.
      • How is the process affected by how fast the oxidation occurs?
    • What are the primary accelerants? Identify and describe them.
      • What do they leave behind chemically after they burn? Explain.
    • How can investigators search for and find trace elements of the accelerants?
      • What are they looking for at the scene that indicates accelerants were used?
  • Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

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