How can you adapt the environment to make it easier for him to navigate?

Unit 8: Unit 8: Embracing Diversity

Embracing Diversity

Your readings this week have given you suggestions as to how to encourage and promote skills for children from other cultures. Use what you have learned to answer the discussion question.

A four year old boy has been enrolled in your class in the middle of the school year. He comes from another country and only speaks Spanish. As a result, his ability to communicate with you and the other students is limited to gestures and simple vocalizations. He is shy and reserved. He is hesitant to join the other children in play. When he does play, he does not use language and often plays alone.

  • As an early childhood professional, identify strategies you can use to promote his skills and foster his ability to play with others.
  • Discuss how you can give him opportunities to be independent.
  • How can you adapt the environment to make it easier for him to navigate?

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