How did the activity relate to the subject matter of the course?

Dear Writer,
I want you to watch a video in the link:
After you watch the video, I want you to write a summary about it(Please, I need Headings.)
The written summary MUST CONTAIN the following:-
– A description of the activity (time, place, organization, speaker)
– What was the topic? Why is it significant?
– What did you learn from participating in this event?
-How did the activity relate to the subject matter of the course?(By the way, to answer the last question, I will upload powerpoint files that show what we are taking, so you can know how the video is related to what we take.
– Summary paragraph.

Please, watch the video carefully and answer the questions. I already saw the video and know what they are talking about. Please, I don’t need any outside sources. All the 3 pages from the video I provided to you.
Thank you

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