How did what you learned connect to what we know already?

A research project which asks and answers a research question with a 4000 word Essay.The research question for this paper is “Do the cultural backgrounds of Thai and Australian journalists affect their ethical beliefs and the way they report news?”

the answer to this question should be the aim or outcome of the research paper.

Try to avoid first-person language.

The structure guide for the paper
1) Introduction – 10% (however, it’s unlikely you need 400 words for your intro. One par should do it).
2) Review of Literature – approx.20% (informs your research design and connects to your discussion. How did what you learned connect to what we know already?I have written this part but you can polish it up if need to)
3) Chapter containing method of research, research design- 10 -15% (need to explain simply that you will do interviews, how many interviews (in this case 2), who will you do interviews with (1. journalist / radio and TV presenter Orawan Grimvirutgul from MCOT Public Company Limited (MCOT) 2. Phuketwan news website editor Alan Morison) , how will you access them? How will you develop the questions for your interviews? How will you code them (manual hand coding?)
4) Findings (containing findings or evidence from your research in a specific area and making claims)10%
5) Findings (containing findings or evidence in a different area) 10%
6) Discussion – 30% (you have to discuss your own primary research. You have to talk about what you did, how you did it, how you decided on that methodology, what you found out, what it means, how it connects to the existing body of knowledge about that topic.
7) Conclusion – 10%
8) Reference list

Example of preferred in-text referencing for interviews

Finding funding for the Brisbane Trumpet was difficult and Smith had to use crowd funding to try to attract additional funding (Smith, personal interview, 28 September 2015) [You don’t include interviews in your reference list].
Direct quote. “I had a devil of a time attracting any funding. I felt pressure to give up,” (Smith, personal interview, 28 September 2015)

For the Review of Literature section please use below (you can polish it up a little bit)
This paper discusses “Do the cultural backgrounds of Thai and Australian journalists affect their ethical beliefs and the way they report news?”
Journalists have the public responsibility of delivering news objectively, in that news should be unbiased, ensuring nothing influences the truthfulness of information delivered to the audience. Nonetheless, various factors can affect the way journalists deliver news. One of the factors can be found in the cultural background which can affect journalist’s views and ethical beliefs therefore affect the way in which news is delivered. Scholars agree that the existence of different cultures and customs can influence a journalist’s ethics and professionalism. According to Hirano (2010), religion influences the way journalists publish information relating to different religion than theirs. Politics influences media and the way information gets relayed through the kind of regulations they put in place (Lewis, 2011). In addition, Aloian (2013) states that the traditions of the journalist also influence their work and ethics.

I’m uploading additional files which will include interviews transcripts and some ideas I would like you to include in the paper (please use if you think they’re useful)

References to be used (I will upload more, they will be in pdf files and you can add more if you can find more references)
Aloian, M., 2013. Cultural traditions in Australia. St. Catharines : Crabtree Publications.
Aloian, M., 2013. Cultural traditions in Thailand. St. Catharine’s: Crabtree Publications.
Hirano, C., 2010. Journalistic professionalism in Thailand: a crisis of ethics? Media Asia, (26),pp. 196-205.
Lewis, G., 2011. Virtual Thailand: the media and cultural politics in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. London: Routledge.
Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance. 2015. Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance – Journalists’ Code of Ethics. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 26 October 15].
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