How does a Kanban system overcome this disadvantage?

Inventory Management 333

12-15 slides with 100-150+ words per slide


One of the hardest things for schedulers to accept is the idea of visual scheduling, which is commonly referred to as Kanban scheduling. All of the schedulers earned degrees or have extensive experience in operations management and are used to terminology like order launchschedule compliance, and shop floor control. In prior discussions with some of them, you told them, “These will all be gone soon.”

Their manager asked you to prepare a PowerPoint presentation for an upcoming monthly departmental schedulers meeting and to specifically cover the following points:

  • At its basic theory, what is JIT inventory management all about?
  • From an internal, operational perspective, if JIT is strictly adhered to, what is one downside to making everything literally “to order?”
  • How does a Kanban system overcome this disadvantage?
  • How exactly does a Kanban system of visual scheduling work?

In your presentation, include the following:

  • 12–15 slides
  • Eye-catching graphs
  • Clip art
  • Graphs
  • 100–150+ words of speaker notes per slide

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