How does being part of a larger “pan-ethnic” group enhance and assist Asian Pacific Americans?

WRITING ASSIGNMENT: 1st Critical Essay

WRITING ASSIGNMENT: 1st Critical Essay

CRITICAL ESSAYS (40% of your grade)

Topics for your critical paper essays will be posted on Tuesdays (same day as the lectures). Your critical essays will be 4-to-5 pages (minimum), typed, double-spaced and sourced. Your critical paper essays will be due the following Monday. This essay is due on January 4th, Monday, no later than 11:55 p.m.  

You will be graded on the following:

1) COMPOSITION: grammar, syntax, spelling, organization

2) CONTENT: information & data

3) CREATIVITY: originality of approach and ideas

4) CRITICAL ANALYSIS: sociological imagination

5) CITATION: sources; references of each textbook, each film clip, online MOODLE posts, class lectures/discussion, bibliography/works cited -page.

You will be required to cite:

1) All required reading materials at least once

2)  All MOODLE lectures (Lecture #1 & Lecture #2, Part I & II) at least once

3) At least 2 discussion posts/responses by your classmates

4)  At least 1 discussion post of your own

5)  At least 3 Required Readings (links from the lectures & syllabus)

6)  Any meaningful references, quotes and citations from the textbooks will be treated extra credit.

Extra Credit Citations:

Asian American Politics by Aoki & Takeda,

Asian American Politics:  Law, Participation, and Policy, Nakanishi and Lai

7) Outside citations are welcome but they will be in addition to your required citations (not in lieu of your required citations)


By incorporating the first week’s lecture on the history of ethnic studies and Asian American studies, as well as APA historical timelines from week #2’s lecture, discuss the important role of understanding,  what it means to be Asian American or Asian Pacific American (APA) as a “pan-ethnic group.”   How does being part of a larger “pan-ethnic” group enhance and assist Asian Pacific Americans?  How does it minimize or hinder Asian Pacific Americans?

Incorporate your own personal ancestry (whether you are of Asian ancestry, Pacific Islander ancestry or not) into how the organization of “ethnicity” and “pan-ethnicity” as well as your “ethnic identity” (and “pan-ethnic” identity) inform and influence how you understand yourself *and* how you understand what it means to be Asian Pacific American (Asian American, Pacific Islander) in the United States.  What is “ethnicity?”  How is it different from or connected to “race?”  What is “pan-ethnicity?” Are APA’s an ethnic group?  racial group?  pan-ethnic group?  What is the difference between (if any) being part of an ethnic group, being part of a pan-ethnic group, being part of a race, *and* having an ethnic identity?  What are the similarities (if any) of  being part of an ethnic group, being part of a pan-ethnic group, being part of a race, *and* having an ethnic identity?  Give examples about yourself or others you know.  They can be personal examples or examples of others you know (or from the media).  Support your positions.  When stating opinions, they must be “informed opinions.”  Be sure they can be supported with logic, reason, and evidence.

Include one legal case in your essay that occurred between 1790 ~ 1898 in which “race” was used to define and restrict the lives of Asian/Pacific Islander peoples in the U.S. (or U.S. territories or what would eventually become the United States).    Why was this case important?   How has this case  (or its ramifications) continued to affect, inform and influence Asian American/Pacific Islanders’ experiences today?  Make the necessary and significant sociohistorical connections of this legal case and the social realities and experiences of Asian Pacif

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