How has the discussion with your classmates affected your view of exclusion and inclusion when it comes to American identity?

M3A3: The Journal Assignment


Assignment 3: The Journal Assignment


For your journal entry this module, reflect on the topics and concepts covered as part of the readings and your reactions to these. What is familiar and what is new? What poses a challenge to the way you have customarily thought about these concepts? What connections are you making to your family’s views on these concepts?


When writing your journal entry, you may use the following questions to prompt your ideas:


  • What are your initial reactions to the topics covered in the assigned readings? Did you experience any conflict with what you read in the assigned topics?
  • What is your point of view on the issues covered in the assigned readings?
    • Discuss and examine the assertion made in the article “The End of White America” that “according to an August 2008 report by the U.S. Census Bureau, those groups currently categorized as racial minorities—blacks and Hispanics, East Asians, and South Asians—will account for a majority of the U.S. population by the year 2042″ (p. 3). What are the implications of this demographic shift?
    • Looking ahead to the next twenty years or more, as the effects of modern immigration become clearer, as English ceases to become the predominant language, and as the ratio of Caucasians to people of color shifts dramatically, how will you regard yourself? Will you resist these changes or embrace diversity and become a positive agent of change in these times?
    • How has the discussion with your classmates affected your view of exclusion and inclusion when it comes to American identity?


Create your journal entry in a Microsoft Word document and save it as M3_lastname_firstname_journal.doc. Your journal entry should be of approximately 250–500 words. You may include photographs, drawings, audio pieces, and other memorabilia in your journal entry to express yourself and your reflections and reactions to what you’re learning in the course.


Submit your journal entry to the Journal by Wednesday, January 27, 2016.


All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources.


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