How has the post-1945 world dealt with inequality between national and regional economies?

final exam college level history course

Two three paged essays on two topics listed below. The paper should be very well written and provide great attention to detail and the topics at hand. It is important that you follow the assigments to the T and all components of each questions are answered in a thorough manner. I also want to be notfied which topics you are planning on choosing before you go forward with the assignment. It should not contain outrageous vocabulary words to try and impress but instead should focus on answering the questions to the best possible potential. In addition, the page requirement do not include a title page and one is not necessary for this assignment. In addition paragraphs should be written with atleast 6-8 sentences per paragraph and not be indented every two lines to fill space. This is a very important assignment and holds big weight in the class and shoukd completed wth the utmost care.


Assgnment is as follows:


2 three-page essays answering two of the following questions.


1. How has the status on women changed in the post 1945 world? You may discuss individual countries or regions. You might want to consider how economic circumstances, government policy or cultural, religious trends have affected the status of women.


2. Has globalization been good or bad for the post 1945 (and you may want to begin in the 1980’s) world?  It would probably be better to discuss only briefly the general pros and cons, and focus more on a few selected areas or countries.


3. What are the successes and failures of United States foreign policy since World War II? Why did these successes or failures occur.  You may want to limit your answer to a few test cases.


4. The post-1945 world saw the eventual triumph of neoliberalism, i.e. radical free market economy policy in several countries beginning in the late 1970’s.  Discuss several case studies where this new policy produced beneficial or negative outcomes.


5. How has the post-1945 world dealt with inequality between national and regional economies? Were specific strategies implemented or deal with this problem and were they successful. Were general economic trends working to worsen or ameliorate this problem.


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