How has the public service system evolved over the last 100 years?


As the associate director of staffing services for your state’s department of civil service, you must create a flyer regarding the changing public service system. This flyer will be sent to the staffing departments throughout the state to inform the departments of the system’s history and potential challenges within the management of their workforce.


Create a flyer of no more than 750 words. In the flyer, address the following:


How has the public service system evolved over the last 100 years?


What major events and decisions were important to the evolution? Include a timeline of your examples.



What are some of the challenges of managing the public workforce in the 21st century? Explain how these challenges came to be and how they may change in the future. Describe your vision for dealing with these issues.


Note. It is recommended, though not required, that you include graphics and images to help support your content

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