How is it different from intuition or common sense?

psychological science essays

There are 3 essays below that need to be done. I have attached the chapters of the textbook that the answers are in. Please reference the textbook as well as any other sources. No plargism. They need to be lengthy.


Q 1: Define psychology. How is it different from intuition or common sense? ( See Ch 1, the Introduction and Sec 1.1).

Q. 2: Define and provide your own example of the following: a) a positive correlation, and b) a negative correlation. Why are correlations important to psychology? What are the problems with correlations? (See Ch 2, Sec 2.2)

Q. 3: Can science answer question A or question B below? If so, briefly explain why or why the question is not a good candidate for scientific inquiry. Address both questions. (Note: Do not try to answer the question itself, just whether or not it could be answered through scientific inquiry.) If the question can be studied scientifically, identify what method might be used to study it, and identify the independent and dependent variables. (See Ch 2, Sec 2.1)

1. Does jogging lead to a positive mental attitude?

2. Will people be more moral in the year 2020 than they are now?






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