How is this virus or malware different from others discussed in class?


Include information regarding motivations of the creator(s), damage it caused, and penalties the creators received. How is this virus or malware different from others discussed in class?

Format for Final Paper:

12-pt. black Times New Roman font


1-inch margins all around

Numbered pages

At least 6 FULL pages o While you can use quotes, there must be a full 6 pages in your own writing. That is, if I remove all of the quotes from your paper, there should still be a full 6 pages remaining.

Include a title page with your name. Do not use a heading on your second page. Again, the requirement is for 6 full pages. You do not need to include an abstract.

At least four outside sources must be used.

Indent first line of each paragraph

No extra lines between paragraphs

Correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar

Cite all factual material in your paper in APA Style o Visit this link for information on how to cite material using the APA format

Attach a reference page to the end of your paper using APA Style

Content for Written Assignments:

Avoid first- and second-person (I, me, my, we, our, you).

Avoid slang and clichés (since the beginning of time, putting the cart before the horse, better said than done, etc.)

Do not use contractions in formal writing (can’t, wouldn’t, don’t)

Be consistent with verb tense. A common mistake is to alternate between present and past


Avoid over-generalizing statements such as “Most people think . . .” & “Everybody


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