How would you describe the culture and leadership related to CSR?

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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a theme that we see often in the headlines about companies. Companies that fail to address CSR issues are often demonized, while those that embrace CSR are hailed as strong examples of ethical organizations. Many companies view CSR initiatives as a growth opportunity and not just a regulatory requirement. Often a discussion surrounds a company’s ability to tie CSR initiatives to gains in its competitive advantage and access to new business opportunities. Is there anything unethical about a company gaining a competitive advantage and access to new markets with their CSR policies and initiatives? Is dual intent a problem or simply a smart strategic business move?


To better prepare for this discussion, take a few moments to review the following videos:

Burns, P. (2011, April 15). Does corporate social responsibility make competitive sense?  [Video file]. Retrieved from

Porter, M. (2011, April 1). Harvard Michael Porter tells us how business can win back its’ reputation – CSR for [Video file]. Retrieved from

These videos discuss the importance and usefulness of corporate social responsibility to a company’s overall competitiveness in the marketplace. Use this information along with the other assigned readings and videos to respond to the discussion question.

For your discussion:

Using your current (or a past) company, construct an argument for the company to pursue CSR as a strategic necessity. How would you describe the culture and leadership related to CSR? How does your company define CSR? Are they on the right path or do they need more work? Explain.


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