I was to examine Female Rights in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia specifically.

This is my initial theme for my final and research essay. I was to examine Female Rights in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia specifically. I would also want to centre my research over their Freedom of Expression. Can the women of the Middle East really speak their mind?
There was an art piece exhibited in the Mathaf, an art museum in Doha, Qatar, last year by Aisha Al Misnad that really inspired me. She is a Saudi woman and wanted to express the struggle women have in Saudi Arabia through art. She printed out letters of permission women needed to get in order to leave the country, printed them on doves that were suspended from the ceiling. That was supposed to represent both the struggle in which a women had to endure in order to only leave the country, also it represents the freedom they felt after leaving their home.
Nonetheless, I argue that it’s still cultural. Saudi Arabians are too narrow minded to just hand women their rights. And even if they had them, they live in a highly male dominated society that it would not make any difference.

The following are the potential resources that I will use for my final essay:

Stephan, Rita. “Modernizing Women: Gender and Social Change in the Middle East.” (2004): n. pag. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Web.
Women’s Rights in Saudi Arabia: Wahhabism vs. Islam Morocco World News, 2013
Women of the Middle East: The Jihad Within, Basch-Harod, Heidi (2011)
Women’s careers in the Arab Middle East. Afiouni, Fida (2014)

These are not final resources since I yet need to narrow my argument down. Basically I am aiming to investigate the power the Taliban has over the laws in Saudi Arabia and how that is affecting the role of women within. The Talibans’ interpretation of Islam is very extreme and is unfair to women whereas the Quran and the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) speak highly of the role of women in society. Thus, their misinterpretation of Islam is segregating the women in their community. That goes against equality and basic human rights. However, the culture in Saudi Arabia is one of the reasons as to why women are restrained from certain opportunities. Such as, education and getting jobs. This could also be narrowed down to their inability to walk on their streets in some areas of Saudi Arabia since it is considered shameful and blameworthy.

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