I will also be posting the commentaries made by my professor on what needs to be done to improve the essay.

Final draft essay

This is a rough draft, I need it to be fixed to turn in as final. I need this essay to include info from the collections I will be piston. It includes points from collection 1-3. It needs to include 1-12, which my professor pointed out to me. I will also be posting the commentaries made by my professor on what needs to be done to improve the essay. I am sending writings and stories which must be used to write the paper. I have highlighted key points that I made annotations on. The topic of the essay will be on How are morality, ethics, faith and religion intertwined?(e.g. What does it mean to be good?). The essay has to be about 2500 words long, (ten typed, double spaced) but the rough drafts can be shorter. I wish for the writer to do both the drafts and the final essay to avoid confusion.


These were the commentaries made by my professor.

Comments on Major Essay Draft: I didn’t really have a problem with the lack of a personal approach in your draft (that seemed to trouble two of your elevators slightly). To me, you were trying to be very systematic, much like the rest of your subgroup, trying to extract every possible connection across the four concepts.  The final version will likely have a little less abstract set-up, now that you know your

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