Identify and then justify the alternative solution/strategy recommended for each marketing issue/problem.

marketing case analysis based on guidelines below. should be 5-6 pages

You will be analyzing a comprehensive case study from the text: IKEA. You will submit written documentation of your analysis and recommendations.


Detailed guidelines for the written documentation are provided below.


Comprehensive Case Analysis Guide


  • Central Issue

Describe the central marketing issue(s)/problem(s) in 3 to 4 sentences.  Also, discuss decision criteria and/or constraints for the analysis and decision making process.


  • Opportunity/Environmental Analysis

Prepare a table that lists the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats confronting the organization.  Critically present the relative importance of internal strengths and weaknesses as well as external opportunities and threats to organizational success and goal fulfillment.


  • Alternative Solutions/Strategies

Prepare a detailed description of at least 3 comprehensive and unique alternative solutions/actions for each marketing issue/problem identified for the case.  Discussion of each alternative should not only include a description and the primary advantages and disadvantages of the proposed solution but also should include clear linkages to established marketing concepts and practices.  All elements of marketing strategy should be addressed: target market, product, pricing, promotion and distribution.


  • Recommended Solution(s)/Strategy(ies)

Identify and then justify the alternative solution/strategy recommended for each marketing issue/problem.  Justification should include relevancy to key internal and external factors as well as to organizational mission, goals and objectives.


  • Implementation & Evaluation

Discuss how the recommended strategy/solution(s) should be implemented by the organization, including timing, involvement of key stakeholders, and responsibilities of the marketing manager.  Discuss how management will evaluate whether the recommended strategy/solution(s), once implemented, is(are) achieving the desired result(s).  Also, present any likely or anticipated effects on leadership, existing policies or practices, organization culture, organization structure and employee behavior.  Prepare a detailed time-line for implementation.  Assign responsibility for each task.  Include evaluative criteria and/or instruments for assessing the degree to which the implemented strategies/solutions are achieving the desired results.


  • Each section of the written documentation should be clearly labeled. 
  • The analysis should be typed, double-spaced using a Times New Roman 12 pt. font.
  • The document should be prepared in Word and sent to the instructor via email attachment by the due date.
  • If outside research is used, proper in-text references and a reference list must be included.

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