Identify the relevant target audience/customers for your campaign.

Your assignment is to critically analyse a website, provide recommendations to improve its search results, and plan an online ad campaign to promote the site. You are encouraged to use your creativity and select tools to make this possible.

Select just the following website:

• Vodacom Tanzania – (must be in English with a minimum of 5 pages)

Project report structure:

I. Scholarship – 25 marks:

You must conduct market research and data analysis to provide a thorough justification for your recommendations.

This can include primary data (current website content, interviews or surveys of potential users), a tabular extract from Keyword Research, competitor activity analysis in this area, screen shots of current competitors’ ranking for your primary keyword terms using different tools such as Google Keyword planner tool, Google Trends, Google Insights for Search, etc.

II. Analysis – 25 marks:

You must critically evaluate the principles and processes involved in search engine optimization and website content strategy. This consists of 3 parts:

1. Evaluation of current rank. Use SEMRush, Open Site Explorer and a number of other tools to record the site’s overall Google Rank, backlinks, and other relevant data. Please be sure to note the exact date of your evaluation, since the website may change. Why do you think the site is not ranking higher? Please support your opinion with research.

2. Keyword evaluation. Select a minimum 5 keywords using Google AdWords Keyword Planner, and show their average monthly searches and competition level. Why did you select these keywords? While noting that individual results may vary, where does the website currently rank in terms of SERP (Search Engine Results Page and page position)? How do key competitors rank on the same keywords?

3. AIDA+ evaluation. In your opinion, how well does the current website create Awareness of the brand and product/service it offers; create Interest in readers to find out more; create Desire for the product/service; generate Action in terms of conversions (such as purchasing, registration, or business objective); and provide Satisfaction to current and past customers (customer service, post-purchase communications, etc.).

III. Campaign – 50 marks:

Based on your analysis, create a brief online campaign plan. This includes 5 parts:

1. Audience. Identify the relevant target audience/customers for your campaign.

2. SMART goals. Set one-year objectives for your website that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. This should include both SEO and AIDA+ performance.

3. KPI’s. Set Key Performance Indicators to measure whether your SMART objectives are being met.

4. Content. Identify the major content changes you would make on the website to achieve your objectives, and justify your recommendations using research. This includes placement of keywords, renaming sections, adding or deleting other sections, and inclusion of multimedia content (games, videos, etc.).

5. Online ad campaign. With a hypothetical budget of US$10,000, plan an ad campaign with text ads on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn OR Twitter. (Pick 2 of the 4, and do not do banner-type display ads.) What keywords will you target, and what will your ad say? Show your planned budget in detail. Be original — do not copy any ads that are being run now or in the past.

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