If a job candidate receives a job offer while other interviews are still pending, how should he or she ask the employer for a time extension?

Directions: Please answer each of the following questions and provide examples from the text, if applicable.  Each response should be at least two paragraphs in length composed of five to seven sentences and be written in complete sentences.




1.      Explain the function of each phase of an application letter written in the AIDA format.




2.      Briefly explain the primary differences between solicited application letters and unsolicited application letters.




3.      What two essential questions do employers seek to answer about each candidate in interviews?




4.      Describe the typical sequence of employment interviews, and what employers tend to look for at each stage.




5.      In evaluating your performance in mock interviews, what sorts of things should you (and your interview partner) pay particular attention to?




6.      List at least five items that you should take to every interview.




7.      Why is it advantageous for candidates to stay in contact with prospective employers after an interview? Provide at least three reasons.




8.      Describe each of the three stages of a successful employment interview.




9.      If a job candidate receives a job offer while other interviews are still pending, how should he or she ask the employer for a time extension?




10.    Describe at least three common employment messages that follow an interview.










Draft a sample cover letter for a job you would like to have in the future.  Be sure to reference your resume, when appropriate, in the cover letter.  Submit your cover letter and your updated resume based on your own reflections and subsequent modifications, as well as a summary of what you changed.  Your final submission should include:


  1. One page cover letter,
  2. Updated resume after critiquing your resume last module, and
  3. A summary sheet identifying what you have modified.






PART III: Journal




In your final journal, write a two page APA-formatted paper in which you review the material you found most useful to your work in this course, describe at least two ways that you can apply the material, and cite the original reference using APA format.


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