Improving Decision Making:

Improving Decision Making: To begin you will need to use the use the AIU Library, the Internet, and course resources to locate a single example (from business, news reports, government, economics, history, and so forth) where decisions made produced negative consequences.

Examples of the types of decisions you may choose from include: (you may use one of these or select one on your own)
Decision by President Kennedy not to support the Cuban invasion at the Bay of Pigs
These are only a few examples. There are literally thousands of decisions you can choose from if you do a bit of research.

Remember that in presentations slides focus only on main points with the specific information and details about each point identified within speaker’s notes (speaker’s notes contain all the information needed by the speaker to address each main point on each slide in detail. Your presentation does not need graphics (although they are acceptable in moderation) or special effects. (If you are unfamiliar with how to use PowerPoint please visit the PowerPoint Guide in the Student Success Learning Lab).
Your presentation should address each of the following:
A brief description of the example selected. Outline the situation (what happened, when, where), identify what decisions were made and why, and explain the negative consequences that resulted. The more detailed you are here the easier it will be for you to provide analysis for parts 2, 3, & 4 of the project.
From our learning all semester (Units 1, 2, 3, & 4) identify what decision concepts (theories, principles, heuristics, traps, etc.) were present in the situation. For each concept identified be sure to provide information to support how and why you believe each was present.
Provide an overview focusing on what other managers, who make similar types of decisions, can learn from your analysis so they can become better decision makers.

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