Leadership Methods and Change Management Methods

Leadership Methods and Change Management Methods: The type of paper required is a Literature Review with scholarly references. I write very simply and directly. I don’t get fancy with writing styles or commas, semi-colens, etc. Please see below for specifics for the paper.
Report what you learned by reading scholarly literature regarding theories that guided you in creating the “product” (see below). At least 10 – 15 sources should be provided, the majority of which must be scholarly. For each source, students must provide a properly-cited reference using MLA style (this means, among other things, that you will be including page numbers for citations).
Literature Review Format
Introduction (200-400 words): Establish the topic of interest, the reasons the topic matters, and the specific aspects of the topic that you are focusing on. End the introduction with your research question.
Overview (150-200 words): Describe in general the body of literature available that is relevant to your question. Did you find a number of sources directly relevant? Where and what kind of sources were they? Did you also include sources that are indirectly related because there were so few sources directly related? What general themes emerged as you reviewed the literature that indicated the subheadings you would use to organize your lit review?
Body (750-1200 words) This section will be subdivided with headings you identify that reflect themes in the literature (note how this was done in the samples). You will group sources, when possible, around these themes and then summarize and comment on them accordingly.
Summary (400 – 600 words) This section should be your commentary on the body of literature. Did you find the literature effective in addressing your question? Where was it effective/strong and where was it ineffective/weak? Were there gaps in the literature…some subtopics or themes that haven’t been explored?
Conclusion: (200-400 words) Based on your review of the literature, what was “the answer” to your question? What are the implications for future research that is needed to address it fully? What revisions, if any, did you make in your research question to guide the design of your original research?
—————————————————————————————————–Product: Develop another electronic workflow form for use at my current employer (cubical office work, phone center, sales, operations and credit departments). The workflow will be developed using software I am already familiar with, but not a complete expert in. The challenge will be to communicate with the users (employees) of the workflow to obtain a complete understanding of what is needed. In prior process roll-outs, outcomes were not as successful. Possibly due to employees not recognizing the need for change, not motivated, or miss communication. Rolling out the workflow, training, and change management, will be critical parts of the workflow success.
Literature Review Question: Which leadership and change management methods are the most efficient when rolling-out a new workflow to a group (20-30 office employees)?

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