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Feel free to explore USExpertWriters.com. We strive to consistently enhance our writing services so as to benefit high school, college and university students. We write papers for students at any level of learning at the university.
How we choose writers to employ

As our company is popular, we receive applicants from all over the world who often want to work as freelance writers. Although we appreciate all applicants, our selection criterion only allows us to choose the most qualified and competent candidates. The first requirement is that the student must pass many tests to make sure they are talented and competent in written English language, literature and formatting.

Our writers must know how to do APA, MLA, Harvard, Turabian and Chicago formatting. Another thing that our candidates must satisfy is writing a sample to allow us test their abilities and talents. We determine a topic for the sample and give the candidate a short deadline to complete it. All our writers must write quickly without ruining the quality of the content because we receive many emergency orders on any topic.

How we continually assess our staff

One of the most essential aspects of our service is quality control. And this partly includes a continuous assessment of writers’ skills, talents and creativity. So we have a Writers Evaluation Department. The work of this department is to select completed pages at random and then to examine how professionally they were written. In addition to this, all writers are given monthly tests to help us evaluate their knowledge of English language, formatting and writing skills. We also encourage our customers to write a review on their writers and how well they met their goals and expectations. This review and rating serves as a future reference for our prospective customers.

How we keep learning our writers’ achievements

We have a Quality Control and Writers’ Rating system. This system helps us check and monitor our writers’ performances. We have a few performance indicators in this system:

  • Three completed papers are picked at random and they are given to a professional editor for evaluation of writing skills.
  • Customers are encouraged to rate our writers. Then our system calculates their average rating score.
  • Rating based on disciplinary benchmarks: revisions, lateness and disputes.
  • The number of return customers a writer gets.
  • Each writer’s choice when it comes to academic fields and topics.

There are benefits to using this versatile Quality Control and Rating system. First, the system is quick and it allows us to give the most current rating to the writers. As the system is versatile, the classification of our writers keeps on going up and down. If a customer wants to request a service from a writer they previously used, an additional fee may apply if their rating has moved to an advanced level. On the other hand, you may not pay an additional fee if the writer’s rating has gone down. But the fact that their rating has gone down does not mean that they won’t give you a same day service. Just feel free to hire them.

Where do we get our writers from?

We do not get our writers from one region only. As long as a freelancer is good at writing and can access the internet, they can work for us. But we usually employ writers from the US, UK, and Canada most of the times. It is so important that a writer demonstrates their English reading and writing abilities to us. We also need them to have access to peer-reviewed literature databases for the sake of doing research. If writers from any country are knowledgeable in multiple areas and can write for high school, college and university students, we are almost always going to hire them. We do not have a whole team of native English speakers. Our writers come from many countries but you can opt to use a native English writer when buying our service via the order form.

How we assign tasks to writers

There are a few factors we consider when determine the best writer for the job. First, we double check the writer’s background, the subjects they write comfortably or have a degree in, and their level of experience. Additionally, we check the writer’s overall rating in the areas they comfortably write on. Finally, we reflect on the writer’s workload now as we do not want to overburden them with endless tasks.

How you can know the writer’s abilities before hiring them

We often allow our customers to pick their favorite writer for a fee of five dollars. What we also do is that we allow you to submit a free inquiry, attracting bidders. Then we let you preview their samples before picking your best writer, eventually. Because of the options we offer you, it is easy to evaluate many writers before choosing the best one for your needs. So, ensure that you use this opportunity to locate one of the best writers we have.

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