Please submit a 250 word proposal of your research project (details below)

Project Proposal:

Please submit a 250 word proposal of your reseaerch project (details below) that includes:
1) A formal title that describes the project (not just “History Proposal”),
2) Your Name, Course Number and Section
3) A paragraph with a preliminary description of your project as you plan now. Include some details about the people, technology, and historical context involved, and make sure to discuss how it relates to the course.
4) A bibliography with:

a) at least ONE Primary Source (a document or object produced by the people/during the time you are investigating. You need to explain why this is a primary source and how you are going to use it.

b); and TWO secondary sources that are scholarly historical articles or books about the topic. Discuss how these sources will help you to place the primary source in its historical context. Provide citations for these (not URLS) in this or a similar fromat:

Author, Title (publisher), date, page numbers (for articles). Here is a brief and useful webpage:

Research Project: “Information Literacy Research Project”

You will work on a theme and format of your choice to investigate a topic in the history of technology between 1500-1980. With the assistance of the Hagerty Library Research Librarians, I will provide the tools and guidance needed to develop the projects and to enhance your Information Literacy.

Topics might be: the technical innovations created or research conducted in a particular geographic region, institutions of science and technology, the individuals or communities working in technology, etc.

These are individual projects. You will determine the type of your final product (essay, report, annotated bibliography etc).

To complete this research you will likely need to locate 1) one or more primary historical sources (documents written during the time you are focusing on and by scientists, or science administrators working in the city), 2) at least two secondary historical sources that place the primary sources in their historical context (works written by contemporary historians), and/or 3) a map of the region during the time period (or close to it).

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